Wheat Whiskey

“On the palate, neat, this whiskey was very soft, almost like a baby’s blanket caressing my tongue, with freshly baked orange scones, cinnamon toast, white pepper and peppermint notes.”

– Lance Mayhew, Oregon Culinary Institute
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88 /100 "Strong Recommendation"
Wheat Whiskey

Ultimate Beverage Challenge 2015

" Gold Medal "
Wheat Whiskey

World Spirits Award ( Germany ) 2014

" Gold Medal "
Wheat Whiskey

San Diego International Spirits Competition 2013

Wheat Whiskey

Ramsay’s dram ” Hogmanay Award “ 2012

Bronze Medal
Wheat Whiskey

San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2013

Triple- Gold Medal
Wheat Whiskey

Micro Liquor Spirit Awards 2011

Silver Medal
Wheat Whiskey

New York World Wine & Spirit Competition 2011

94 Rating
Wheat Whiskey

Tasting Panel Magazine 2011

Gold Medal
Wheat Whiskey

American Distilling Institute 2010

Whisky Magazine

18/20 points " Recommended"

November 2015

Wheat Whiskey … Joel: On the nose: Rich and Broad Shouldered.Gives buttered chicken cajun spices and vanilla
On the pallet: Spices are at the fore with some hot buttered popcorn, salted caramel and spicy chorizo.
Finish: Popping candy, sourdough bread and cherry.
Comments: A really really lovely whiskey which will work well as a sipper and in a cocktail
Dry Fly Note: Both Joel and Chris gave wonderful reviews, limits here for printing all.

Tellement Swell ( by Eve Martell )

Dry Fly International


Découverte : Le whiskey Dry Fly Washington Wheat et sa jolie bouteille design.
Ce produit est fabriqué à la main avec du blé cultivé dans l’est de l’état de Washington et de l’orge maltée. Distillé avec un alambic Christian Carl de Göppingen, il est ensuite vieilli pendant au moins deux ans dans des barils de whisky carbonisés de la tonnellerie Bluegrass au Tennessee. Évidemment, tout ça est produit en petite quantité, avec bien de l’amour et bien de la patience. Quel pedigree! Et derrière tout ça, il y a quoi dans le verre? Nature, c’est un whiskey pur plaisir, qui enveloppe la gorge avec la douceur et la chaleur d’une écharpe de cachemire. Des notes d’amandes douces, de menthe poivrée et de toffee sont présentes dès la première gorgée et se développent en bouche avec une agréable insistance. Avec un peu d’eau, il devient carrément juteux et ajoute des notes d’abricots et d’agrumes à l’expérience.Je voulais l’essayer en Manhattan ou en Old Fashioned, mais je l’aime tellement nature qu’il ne s’est jamais rendu dans le shaker. Oh well! http://tellementswell.com

The Whiskey Blogger

Wheat Whiskey


Delicious notes of apple and cinnamon and very bourbon-esque, this awesome three year old whiskey has been quite the charming discovery, I found this first about four years ago and was very impressed then, now that its older I continue to praise the wheat-minded distillers for their amazing work on this one-hundred percent wheat whiskey. One that they make from scratch. Like it’s supposed to be.

World Spirits Award “Wheat Whiskey” ( 92/100 points )

Dry Fly International (Germany)


Fragrance: Typical grain, wood and roast spectrum, wet wheat notes, intense use of wood, a lot of roasty aromas, toffee, vanilla, caramel, malt candy, chocolate, tobacco, smoky and roasty accents. Taste: Typical variety character, yeasty, doughy, bready, a lot of roasty aromas, vanilla, cocoa beans, dried fruit, plums, some green spiciness, clear malt sweetness, more compact on the palate, very long finish. Volume: 750 ml,


Dry Fly International ( Quebec )


Un whisky américain déroutant entièrement élaboré à partir de blé dans l’état de Washington – eh oui, on n’y fait pas que du bon vin ! Notez que puisqu’il n’est pas produit avec un minimum de 51% de maïs, il ne peut être désigné comme un bourbon.

Le nez révèle surtout des arômes de caramel et de noisettes grillées ainsi qu’une pointe épicée induites par l’élevage de 18 mois en fût de chêne américain neuf. En bouche, le whisky est gras et caressant, on perçoit immédiatement de délicieuses notes d’orange tandis les épices se précisent et dévoile de la cannelle et du poivre blanc. Un spiritueux précis, équilibré et d’une longueur plus que satisfaisante !

Jean-François propose l’accord «blé sur blé» et nous invite à déguster le Washington Wheat en compagnie d’une bière blanche, comme celle de la brasserie Pit Caribou. Les arômes d’agrume et de coriandre qu’on trouve dans la bière se marient au whisky avec grâce. Une révélation !

WHSKY ( Wheat Whiskey Review )

4.5 out of 5 stars


Color – The bottle says it all: “As bright as a polished penny”
Nose – Oats, pear, lemon, and ginger
Palate – Made from nothing but wheat grown in Washington state, this whiskey shows off how complex a whiskey can be despite forgoing the usual corn and barley heavy mash-bills of a bourbon. Smooth and pleasant with a rich unctuous quality with a oatmeal and maple syrup sweetness. Closer to the finish, a rye spice with a hint of cloves and a light citrus zest. This is a perfect wheat whiskey for rye drinkers who like its spicy character, but also want just a pinch of bourbon sweetness. Great stuff here.

The Whiskey Reviewer (2013)

When tasting Washington Wheat Whiskey, a restrained citrus comes back, along with a sharp, deep, grainy-wheat undertone. The finish is relatively long and dry, a bit hot, but pleasant. With water or ice, a caramel sweetness emerges and the finish mellows, offering a maple syrup and molasses combination made lighter by remaining orange-citrus hints.

The great thing about a bottle of Dry Fly Washington Wheat Whiskey is that the bottle itself can entertain. Simply pour yourself a dram, take a seat and start enjoying the hilarious notes and references on the bottle.

The Hooch Life

“Dry Fly lingers on the tongue and leaves you thirsty for more. It is delicate and flavorful with touches of peaches, honey, butterscotch, and cinnamon.  Their Washington Wheat Whiskey is a youthful drinkable whiskey that exemplifies craft distilling at it’s finest.”…”Dry Fly Distilling is the first legal distillery in Washington since Prohibition. A passion for true craft distilling and commitment to sourcing locals grains and botanicals from sustainable farms means you can feel even better when imbibing their amazing spirits. Their Washington Wheat Whiskey is a real gem, as wheat whiskeys are fairly rare, and good ones rarer still.”

Ethan Prater

Rating: 84/100


Immaculate packaging – a squat, broad-shouldered transparent bottle with a foil cap and cork stopper. The Dry Fly logo is silk-screened, but the rest is an adhesive label (presumably this is the same bottle used for Dry Fly’s very popular gin and vodka).
I believe this whiskey is aged in fresh charred oak for two years, lending the liquid a color of clear light brown or even an attractively burnt orange. It smells sweet – that’s the wheat talking – with a tiny hint of barrel char.The flavor is very nicely integrated – predominantly sweet vanilla, maybe some toffee and mellow mushy fruit. A very easy-drinking whiskey, though with just a touch of unexpected burn on the back of the throat (and it’s bottled only at 40% abv – helpful to squeeze more bottles out of limited production, but not to get the most flavor from this very gentle distillate). Without any other grains in the mash, you get none of the spice typical of bourbon or rye whiskey. A nicely lengthy finish, given the young age.Dry Fly Wheat Whiskey has a very nice round flavor – it’s sweet and simple without any hidden complexity. Which is fine – this would be a good sipper on a warm afternoon or an excellent cocktail base.I’m loath to make generalizations about 100% wheat whiskey having tried just three (Bernheim, Death’s Door, and Dry Fly), but I wonder if some corn, barley, or rye would add some needed complexity to the final spirit. The simplicity here feels a bit like tasting a component of something larger (to be fair, what I think of many single malt Scotches).Anyway, if I gave scores, I would Dry Fly’s Whiskey (Batch Two) 84/100. Who knows what it might grow into with more time in the barrel?

Drink Spirits Review

Very Highly Recommended

Dry Fly Whiskey (80 proof) As a whole, we’re not huge fans of the current crop of young whiskeys out on the market. One to two years of age in barrel often leaves a whiskey underdeveloped and feels like putting a horse to race before it’s fully grown. Dry Fly’s Whiskey falls solidly into this ‘young’ category with only a couple years in barrel. But, for a young whiskey it’s extremely promising. With a nice light amber color, the nose on the Dry Fly Whiskey is bran cereal with cinnamon, apricot jam, vanilla and paste. The taste is very grainy with strong bran cereal and cardboard. We also get apricot, peach cobbler, oatmeal and cinnamon, and bran muffin. There’s a solid amount of heat with a nice wide mouth feel. The whiskey finishes well into a very cool finish. As with their vodka and gin, it’s clear just how exceptional the distilling process at Dry Fly is, and while we like this whiskey, we can only imagine what it could be. Left in barrel for another few years, it could become something amazing. As it stands, it’s pretty damn good.

Dry Fly Whiskey Rating:
 Very Highly Recommended – one of the best young whiskeys out there, but we can’t help wishing for more time in the barrel.

Considering how young a distillery Dry Fly is, their first three offerings are pretty mind blowing. The distilling talent in all their spirits is blazingly clear and we plan on following them very closely over the next few years because the elements are there to produce something that you run out to buy (and they’re pretty damn close to that already).



After tasting Dry Fly Wheat Whiskey I have to agree wholeheartedly with the review Lance Mayhew gave, so instead of reiterating those thoughts I will allow you to read that account: Dry Fly Wheat Whiskey Reviewed.

What I will say is that this is one of the most impressive wheat whiskies I’ve had to date and tasting it is a journey. I really enjoyed the joyride of the experience, which progresses from the sweeter nose to the spicy-sweet taste to the final spicy finish. It’s a whiskey that will be a fantastic cocktail mixer in a Manhattan, Fancy Whiskey, and the like if you can get your hands on it, which is its one downfall. March 2010 will see the third batch released and it is likely to disappear as fast as the first two, but that is the price we pay for falling for small batch spirits and it is a worthy sacrifice.

Chocolate Manhattan**

2 oz Dry Fly Bourbon or Dry Fly Wheat Whiskey
1 oz Cinzano Sweet vermouth
3 dashes Fee’s Brothers Chocolate bitters
Stir and strain
Served in cocktail glass
Garnished with Brandied cherry (NOT maraschino)

Nice Pear

2 oz Dry Fly wheat whiskey
¼ oz pear brandy( clear creek)
¼ fresh pear
½ oz fresh lemon juice
¾ oz simple syrup
2 dashes Angostura bitters
Muddle shake and double strain
Served in coupe
Garnished with a pear fan

20th Century Sparkler

1 oz DRY FLY wheat whiskey
½ oz fresh lemon juice
½ oz white chocolate syrup
Sparkling wine
Shake first 3 and serve in coupe or flute glass
Top with sparkling wine
Garnish with a Griottes cherry

Ginger and Grain (G n’ G)

2 oz Dry Fly wheat whiskey
2 Slices fresh peeled ginger
¾ oz fresh lemon juice
1 oz simple syrup
2 dashes fee’s old fashioned bitters
egg white (optional)
Shake and double strain no ice
Served in a rocks glass
Garnish with a lemon twist